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Yes, I said it! Wondering what prompted such a title?

Stupid Hunger Games "fans"

I consider myself a fan of the series but jeeze, people, if you read the book like you claimed, then it shouldn't surprise you when they cast a character based on the description in the book.

Quick synopsis: The Hunger Games takes place in a future after the US has crumbled and the lands that one made up the US is renamed Panem and divided into 13 Districts surrounding a Capital. After a huge rebellion, District 13 is destroyed and the Capital, to keep the remaining Districts in line, starts the Hunger Games. This requires each District to supply two Tributes, a boy and a girl between 12 and 18, that are randomly selected to fight each other to the death. 24 go in. 1 comes out.

In the book, both Rue, a 12 year old Tribute from District 11 and her male counter part (not sure of his age) are described as having "dark brown skin and eyes"* (Cinna's, Katniss's Stylist, skin isn't mentioned in the book so he was free range)

In the movie, Rue is played by Amandla Stenberg (Columbiana). Thresh is played by Dayo Okeniyi (this is his first major film) and Cinna is played by Lenny Kravitz (yes the "American Woman" singer)

Enter the so-called fans

They are all upset because the three characters are played by black actors. Uh, were you not paying attention when you read the book? Now When I read the book, I actually pictured Cinna as black. But I digress.

But the reactions of all these people to the fact that *gasp* a black character is portrayed by a *gasp* black actress is just flipping ridiculous. Who cares? The characters in the book were portrayed exactly how the author described them. Usually people are throwing hissy fits because a book to film isn't like the book. But they're throwing fits because a beloved character is black.

I love little Rue. She's such a sweetheart and such an innocent character. Tears are shed over this little girl, yours truly included. And it upsets people because this little girl they cried over is black?

Racism is still alive and kicking, unfortunately.

And this really pisses the Ice Queen off

*The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

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