Saturday, March 10, 2012

Back from the Dead

No I didn't really die but I have had a lot of things going on since Dec. A bit of a computer problem didn't help things at all.

Starting around Nov and Dec I had a bit of a problem with my computer freezing at the worst times. Like in the middle of making a post for my other blog or working on my newest project. Turned out I was over working my poor computer. YouTube still doesn't work as well as I'd like with a lot of buffering but hey at least it stopped freezing.

Nov and Dec was also the start of the Hoiday traveling season. We also saw a lot of critters that were eating stuff they weren't supposed to. By the time I got home during those months, I was way too tired to blog. I barely working on my book.

Jan and Feb I focused on my book, mostly. Feb was also when we found out the apartments my husband and I rented were income based and, surprise!, we made to much to continue living there. You can imagine the stress that caused. After a little bout of "Woe is me" and my sisters and brothers (I love you guys) helping me through that tough time when I lost faith in myself, we found a lovely apartment about a mile away from where we had been living. I miss the neighbors we had but hopefully we'll meet some knew friends. I did meet the neighbor that lives to the left of us and she seems very nice.

So here we are in March. Still a bit on the exhausted and stressed side but things are looking up. I'm slowly getting back to work on my book and I'll be setting up some book signings soon.

Until next time

The Ice Queen

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