Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tis the Season

Well Christmas has come and went. Another year of listening to a certain family member nag about the amount of gifts I bought the rest of the family (I started in July. Its not like I did it all at once sheesh.) You would think that she'd be happy that everyone is getting gifts. Who cares when they were bought or what they got.

Back on track....

It wasn't the perfect Christmas. For one there was no way I was topping the gifts I gave last year. That was a one time deal.
I bought my husband three model sets. And forgot to get the paint and glue. Of course. Then I bought him a couple of shirts; one with wolves, his favorite animal, the other of his favorite band. of course I got it in the wrong size. And I told my step mom the wrong size apparently, so all of his shirts are too small for him. I guess Large is no longer his size.

At least everyone liked their gifts. At least they said they did.

I'm not the best person in the kitchen, so if I make anything it does not require cooking or baking. I was going through wal-mart and found a recipe for a no bake Chocolate Mint Cheesecake. Of course I misread the name and thought it was a pie. I broke the crust putting the filling in. Had to wash the mixing bowl and the beaters before I even started. It seemed like it took forever to get my stuff together, but eventually I had a cheesecake before me. Everyone said they liked it. It was pretty good, but the crust was a crumbly mess.

My husband and I have a tradition of going to the movies on Christmas day. We have been doing that since we'd been dating. This year there was no movie, so I guess that tradition is done and over with.

There was no snow...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Harrisonville, Proof that Americans still support our Troops

You've probably have never heard of Harrisonville. I know I hadn't. In fact I'm not sure what state its in, Missori or Kansas. But I do know they are a town brought together.

What brought them together? The funeral of one of their own and the protestors coming to add salt to the family's wounds.

Now you know my opinion of Westboro Baptist Church. If you don't, read my previous blog. Short recap: they protest slain soldiers

Anyway back to Harrisonville

Harrisonville was home to Army Cpl. Jacob R. Carver, who was killed in Afghanistan by a suicide bomb earlier this month. Word came that our favorite church group was going to be coming to town to protest his funeral. The people of Harrisonville said "Hell no. Ain't gonna happen," Starting before dawn, Cpl Carver's supporters began to line the street on both sides of  Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, where the funeral was to be held. The people, along with folks from three counties, were not going to let the protester anywhere near the church. By the time they got there, the only spot was next to a store a third of a mile away from the church. They did what they came to do, shouting their hateful slogans and holding their hateful signs. But the supporters were louder, singing "God Bless America" and shouting "USA! USA!" and "Go Home! Go Home!" Of course they were some near fights and WBC finally gave up and bailed before the procession passed.

Thank you, People of Harrisonville. You give me faith that people really do support our Troops and honor the ones who have given their lives so we may be able to live like we do and protest those protesting the Troops.

All information within this edition of Ice Queen's Frozen Words comes from The Kansas City Star article "In Harrisonville, thousands line street to keep Phelps clan away from soldier’s funeral" by Donald Bradley

Friday, October 8, 2010

A message for Westboro Baptist Church

There's a fine line between respect and disrespect.

Wesboro Baptist Church has no idea what the word means.

The name sounds familiar , you say. And it should. This is the church that has been staging protests at the funerals of our servicemen and women.

I'm all fine and dandy with free speech, but WBC, out of Kansas, is taking it to a new and very disrespectful level.

I don't agree with the wars in Iraq and Afaganastan. But I have a respect for the men and women over there fighting. They have way more balls then me to be willing to go over there. They signed up knowing they could possibly be shipped out. Knowing their ticket over there could possibly be a one way. I may be against the war, but I support the troops 100%.

When I first heard about WBC staging protests at military funerals, my first thought was "wtf? Why funerals to protest the war?" But as I find out more and more, I get angrier and angrier. They have gone way too far in their hate speech.

Its one thing to protest the war. Its another thing entirely to protest the soldiers. To hold signs saying "Thank God For Dead Soldiers" is highly disrespectful. Thanking God because a soldier who will take a bullet for you, who will die for you? What are y'all smoking over in Kansas?

My dad is a veteren. He may not have been on the front lines during Desert Storm, but he still served. I know several people that have served in Iraq and I respect them for it. I respect them for doing their duty knowing what the cost could be. I respect them for being so much braver than I am.

Wesboro Baptist Church, feel free to do what they do. I'm sure they wouldn't mind a few of you to stand between them and the enemy. If you can't support them, feel free to stand in front of them. If you can't respect them, feel free to do their job. I don't know what Bible you read, but you need a new one. You got it all wrong.

My God does not hate. My God only LOVES. He LOVES everyone no matter what. Once you figure that out, your lives will be a whole lot easier.

I want to thank Mr. Albert Snyder for doing what no one else would do, fighting back. Mr. Snyder lost his son, Matt, to wounds recieved in the war. Westboro added salt to his wounds. It was bad enough a father had to bury his child, but to have a group of people with signs saying "Thank God for Dead Soldiers", among other hate driven slogans, at his funeral? I, too, would have hired a laywer.

In my honest opinon, there is just way too much hate in America.

And it's people like the protesters of Westboro Baptist Church than fan the hate flames.

Westboro, its time to wake up and grow up.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Memories of 9/11

I found this video after following a link to a 9/11 Tribute video. And it got me to remembering that day. How a room full of 15 + year olds were scared. Many at the school I went too were Air Force kids. This is how I remember 9/11

We had just switched from Algebra to homeroom, which also happened to be the Algebra classroom. Kids were leaving the room for bathroom breaks and the like. One of my classmates runs back in the room and cries, "They've locked down the Base!" Of course several of us were clueless to the events in NYC. Another classmate says, "Oh some idiot flew a plane into the World Trade Center," Teacher turns the TV on and we soon discover it wasn't an accident. While were were in class, a second plane hit the second tower. Choir was a lost cause. I'm actually glad I didn't see the Towers fall live. It was bad enough watching people chose between fire and a long fall. I rally don't know if I could have handled watching the fall. Lunch and study hall I was out of the loop. Spanish showed me what I'd missed. My first reaction to seeing all the debris scattered all over the scene: "Oh my God!" Another loss cause class. Everyone was glued to the TV. On the bus ride home we saw kids standing on the side of the road with "Honk if you love America" signs. The driver honked several times. We passed a couple of gas stations. Cars were waiting in line in the street. First thing I did when I got home was turn the TV on. I listened while I showered. I didn't bother to dry my hair. I stayed in front of the TV until my parents got home. When my mom came in, she hugged me. I asked "Why?" She said, "I don't know," I finally let it go. We both cried. When my dad got home we ate in silence. I didn't fully understand what had happened but I did know war was looming and someone had attacked us. I didn't know who Ben Ladin was. I never could tell the difference in Iraq and Iran. I did know I was scared.

In the weeks to come we wondered if my dad would be reinstated into the Air Force. There were a lot of what ifs going around for a long time. I pray and hope future generations don't see something like this again.

Ice Queen

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Irish Dance

I took my first Irish dance lesson today. I arrived at the studio way too early since I had no idea how long it would take to get there. I ended up being the only student there, since the other two wouldn't be able to make it in time. The lesson was 45 minutes long but let me tell you, Irish Dancing it quite a workout. The instructor said she loved the way my feet arched. In Irish Dance, one's feet must point outwards. Of course I do need to work on the left foot pointing out, but she said I was very good for a beginner. She did ask me if I'd done Irish Dancing before, to which I replied I had never had any dance training but I'd seen Riverdance. She laughed at that one. The good thing about being the only student was the one on one teaching. I do need to work on the flexibility though. Another thing she liked about my dancing was the fact I continued on when I missed a step. She said that wasn't something you can teach. After the lesson, she commented me on my ear for rhythm and my coordination. I'll defenatly be going back for more lessons, especially since I was told by one of my coworkers I had to dance for them at the Christmas party

Until next time

Be safe

The Ice Queen

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How much!?

I was on IMVU the other day and the topic of writing came up. The other two were talking of how far they had gotten on their stories and how log they'd been writing. (Even though I dont know their real names, I'll not refer to them by their screenname without permission) I mentioned I'd published a novella. When I went to my publisher's website to get them the link, I found the softcover option had gone up to 25 bucks! Luckily the PAperback option is still 10 bucks, but I don't think I'll sell anymore softcovers. My novella is only 60 pages. Nobody will pay 25 bucks for a 60 page book. I mean thats a bit overkill ya think?

Until next time

Be safe

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th

I've always wondered why Friday the 13th was so "unlucky". Or the number 13 for that matter. I decided to research it. The Superstition didn't become widely know until after 1907 after a novel about a stock broker trying to cause panic on Wall Street was published. But its origin dates back to Paganism and Mythology. Namely a myth about thirteen diners and the prediction that one would die. (One was later murdered by a mistletoe dart). For years 13 and Friday were considered unlucky and together...well you get the drift.

Along comes Christianity.

Christians consider Friday and 13 to be unlucky due to the fact, according to their Scriptures, there were 13 diners at the Last Supper and Jesus died on a Friday (Sound familiar?) When the Norse peoples converted to Christianity, the free spirited goddess of love and fertility, Frigga, was banished to a mountian top and labeled a witch. (Frigga, by the way, had Friday named after her and her name appears in the long word that means the fear of Friday the 13th) Many early Christians called Friday "Witches' Sabbath"

Well now you know the sorta history of Friday the 13th. So go out there, break a mirror, cross paths with a black cat while walking under a ladder.

Happy Friday the 13th

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Ice Queen Cometh

I have been sitting at my computer reading a few blogs and a thought pops into my head. Why don't I start a blog? I started this process about a week ago and realized... I'd forgotten my gmail screen name. Of course, I didn't provide a secondary email. That would have been smart. Apparently, the light bulb needed changing at that time haha. Well obviously I've finally gotten around to creating my blog. The question is how many times will I post? And how many times will I actually have time to post?

Be safe

The Ice Queen