Friday, October 8, 2010

A message for Westboro Baptist Church

There's a fine line between respect and disrespect.

Wesboro Baptist Church has no idea what the word means.

The name sounds familiar , you say. And it should. This is the church that has been staging protests at the funerals of our servicemen and women.

I'm all fine and dandy with free speech, but WBC, out of Kansas, is taking it to a new and very disrespectful level.

I don't agree with the wars in Iraq and Afaganastan. But I have a respect for the men and women over there fighting. They have way more balls then me to be willing to go over there. They signed up knowing they could possibly be shipped out. Knowing their ticket over there could possibly be a one way. I may be against the war, but I support the troops 100%.

When I first heard about WBC staging protests at military funerals, my first thought was "wtf? Why funerals to protest the war?" But as I find out more and more, I get angrier and angrier. They have gone way too far in their hate speech.

Its one thing to protest the war. Its another thing entirely to protest the soldiers. To hold signs saying "Thank God For Dead Soldiers" is highly disrespectful. Thanking God because a soldier who will take a bullet for you, who will die for you? What are y'all smoking over in Kansas?

My dad is a veteren. He may not have been on the front lines during Desert Storm, but he still served. I know several people that have served in Iraq and I respect them for it. I respect them for doing their duty knowing what the cost could be. I respect them for being so much braver than I am.

Wesboro Baptist Church, feel free to do what they do. I'm sure they wouldn't mind a few of you to stand between them and the enemy. If you can't support them, feel free to stand in front of them. If you can't respect them, feel free to do their job. I don't know what Bible you read, but you need a new one. You got it all wrong.

My God does not hate. My God only LOVES. He LOVES everyone no matter what. Once you figure that out, your lives will be a whole lot easier.

I want to thank Mr. Albert Snyder for doing what no one else would do, fighting back. Mr. Snyder lost his son, Matt, to wounds recieved in the war. Westboro added salt to his wounds. It was bad enough a father had to bury his child, but to have a group of people with signs saying "Thank God for Dead Soldiers", among other hate driven slogans, at his funeral? I, too, would have hired a laywer.

In my honest opinon, there is just way too much hate in America.

And it's people like the protesters of Westboro Baptist Church than fan the hate flames.

Westboro, its time to wake up and grow up.


  1. From what I hear, speaking as an observer in the UK, the mainstream Evangelical church is going the same way, with its use of imprecatory prayer and hate speeches. Different topics, same tactics. This isn't the Christianity I know.